Otavalo Market Equador

Otavalo – handycraft market

Overview Shortfacts How to get to Otavalo Budget Conclusion Otovalo Shortfacts Otavalo is a small city two hours north of Quito. It is mostly known for its big handicrafts market where you can find a lot of stuff, especially textiles, but also food and animals. Furthermore, most of the sellers wear tradional clothing, which is …


Cotopaxi – Fire and Ice

Overview Shortfacts How to get to Cotopaxi Ascent of the Cotopaxi What to bring – the Cotopaxi Packing List Budget Conclusion Cotopaxi Shortfacts The Cotopaxi is a 5 897m active volcano, between Latacunga and Quito. It is the highest active volcano in Ecuador and under close surveillance, because Latacunga and Quito are so close that …


Quilotoa – Sun, Wind and Sweat

Overview Shortfacts Quilotoa Loop Options From Isinlivi to Quilotoa What to bring – Quilotoa Packing List Budget Conclusion Quilotoa shortsfacts Quilotoa Loop is an amazing hike of a couple of days, which should not be missed during your stay in Ecuador. No need to book a tour for this, although they were offered a lot …


Ingapirca – On the Inca trail

Overview Shortfacts How to get to Ingapirca Visit of Ingapirca What to bring – the Ingapirca Packing List What budget to plan for Ingapirca Conclusion Ingapirca shortfacts Ingapirca is the largest archeological Inca site in Ecuador and part of the famous Inca Trail. It was first built by the Cañaris, for the cult of the …